This is the Payment and Refund Policy of (the “Policy”) for the electronic commerce platform available at (the “Site”), including its sub-domains and its mobile-optimized versions, along with any products and services offered thereby.  This Policy shall supplement our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, incorporated herein by reference.

The Site and the related products and services are provided by SigniaFalcon (hereinafter referred to as “SigniaFalcon”).  The terms ‘us’, ‘its’, ‘ours’ and/or ‘we’, as used herein, refer to us, SigniaFalcon and/or our affiliates, assignees, successors and/or brands.  As used herein, the terms ‘you’, ‘your’, and/or ‘yourself’ refer to you, a user/visitor/browser of our Site, whether registered under an account or not.

If you continue to browse and use SigniaFalcon, you hereby acknowledge and agree to be bound by and under this Policy which, together with our Policy, will govern SigniaFalcon’s relationship with you in relation to the Site, along with any commerce services offered thereby (the “Service(s)”).

Product and Service Disclaimer

SigniaFalcon sells flying and camera stabilization systems and related platforms and products, including commercial and recreational unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), intended for recreational aerial photography and videography.  

Henceforth, you acknowledge, understand and agree that our commercial and recreational UAVs and other hardware and physical products (hereinafter referred to as the “Products”) are sold under independent manufacturer warranty and terms and conditions and, thus, such third party manufacturer warranty and terms and conditions shall not be supplemented, amended or governed by this Policy.

Any manufacturer terms and conditions, local, federal or state safety regulations, other statutory requirements, and any licenses and appertaining user or pilot compliance for UAVs, are not covered by the Site, this Policy or our Services, and henceforth SigniaFalcon hereby disclaims any warranty or liability therefor.  For more information, please read our Warranty, Disclaimer and Liability Sections hereafter.

Fees & Payments

You must provide us valid and current billing information, and if we detect any chargeback or if any payment is not received by us for any reason from your card or account, you will promptly pay us any and all amounts due to us upon notice.  Any failure or inability by us to process any payment hereunder does not relieve you from your payment obligations.


Disputes & Charge-backs

A chargeback is typically caused when a customer disputes a charge that appears on their bank or payment processing statement.  A charge-back may result in the reversal of a transaction, with the amount charged back to you.  You can be assessed charge-backs for (i) customer disputes; (ii) unauthorized or improperly authorized transactions; (iii) transactions that do not comply with payment processor network rules or are allegedly unlawful or suspicious; or (iv) any reversals for any reason by our payment processor handling the transaction.

Shipping Policy

Before placing a final order for your Products, you will be able to review the amount and type of shipping and handling fees for your order.  All dates displayed are estimated since SigniaFalcon uses third party couriers to ship products, but it will use its commercially reasonable efforts to ship products within a reasonable timeframe after receipt of completed order, as well as to keep you updated via parcel tracking technology.

Shipping fees are determined by numerous factors, such as weight, dimensions, delivery address and the type of shipping.  We have a handy calculator that will show you the estimated costs and timelines for delivery.  If you want to purchase multiple Products, you can preview the costs in the Site, and you can also add one or more items into one or more orders in your shopping cart.  Please remember to introduce your country and zip code for better results.  This calculator will help you to understand all available shipping options and fees before you make a purchase.

Please take into account that we use third-party services in order to keep you updated of package tracking, and therefore SigniaFalcon will not be responsible for any delays or errors by any third party logistics providers.

We usually ship all order items together where possible, and will inform you if your order requires multiple shipments before payment.  For the case of temporarily unavailable items that you select to purchase, they will be shipped as they become available.

SigniaFalcon may not be able to ship items to certain countries, and therefore we may reject orders with delivery addresses in such countries.  If that becomes the case, we will inform you about the matter.

Refund Policy

The Products offered via the Site are provided by us and by our authorized third parties.  As such, SigniaFalcon hereby reserves the right to discontinue or change their specifications and to update their availability, eligibility, prices and characteristics, at any time and without any responsibility. 

SigniaFalcon will undertake its reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the quoted prices and descriptions are true, accurate, updated and correct.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, SigniaFalcon cannot fully guarantee such information and therefore, prices, availability and other Product specifications are subject to change.

There may be occasions where a Product that is listed on the Site has been incorrectly listed (e.g. typographical error or system error).  In such case, SigniaFalcon hereby reserves the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for any and all Product incorrectly listed.  If your payment processing method has already been charged, SigniaFalcon will cancel your order and issue a refund or credit to your payment processing account in the amount of the incorrect price.

Please be advised that the color of the actual Product will vary to the one displayed on your monitor.  We strive to display the colors of the products shown on the Site as accurately as technically feasible, but nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that your monitor will any color accurately.

Upon placing an order, payment must be received by SigniaFalcon prior order processing and shipping.  Once payment clears, we will proceed to ship.  It is made note that all products are subject to availability, and SigniaFalcon will inform you if the selected products are out of stock.

If you have a problem with our Product or Services, please contact us as soon as possible.  We offer a thirty (90) day guarantee for defective, mistaken and/or shipping-damaged Products.  Please include a description of the Products in question, including the reason for return, your name, address, account information, payment details and Products along with images of the shipping package, and any defects or shipping damages.

Since some of our products are provided by third parties, there may be some delays in processing your return and refunds, and we will contact the appropriate supplier in order to help your case.


If you have any questions or queries about us, the Site, our Services or this Policy, please contact us at:


Date of last effective update is 03/25/2019.